Kristina M. DeSenze of Berman & Asbel, LLP provides legal solutions for Philadelphia residents facing personal and business challenges

RELEASED: May 13, 2015


Philadelphia area residents who encounter legal situations and disputes can often benefit by contacting an attorney. Often, however, the idea of filing a lawsuit and going to court is intimidating and overwhelming. Local attorney Kristina M. DeSenze has made it her goal to help people who are facing a variety of legal issues understand their rights and how to use the law to better their lives and community.

From helping a divorcing couple find resolutions to pet custody issues to advocating on the behalf of a homeowner who is concerned about an impending gas line project, attorney DeSenze applies her broad legal knowledge to help people find solutions to personal and business challenges.

Kristina M. DeSenze is an associate at the law firm Berman & Asbel, LLP where she focuses her practice in the areas of environmental, agricultural, and animal law. Matters related to environmental law are of specific interest and concern to DeSenze who strives to help landowners understand their rights when dealing with the various energy companies that are currently building pipelines throughout the state.

In an effort to help empower home and property owners who may otherwise feel powerless against big oil and gas companies, DeSenze routinely reviews oil, gas and pipeline lease agreements and counsels landowners about their rights and options. As a result, DeSenze has built a reputation as a respected legal advocate for landowners in the Philadelphia area who may otherwise be unfairly taken advantage of or displaced.

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