Child Custody and Visitation

Negotiating child custody and visitation arrangements are very sensitive issues for both parents. Pennsylvania has prescribed a standard for determining what is in the best interest of the child or children. Your lawyer is the person in between — understanding the delicate issues and applying the law to those issues. The attorney is responsible for protecting the client's rights as well as assisting the parents in coming to an agreement that works for them and best benefits the children.

At Berman & Asbel, LLP our lawyers have successfully litigated and resolved a variety of child custody disputes. In doing so, we advocate for our clients to receive physical and legal custody of their children. Some issues to consider in resolving any child custody matter are:

  • Sole custody and joint custody arrangements
  • Who will make major life decisions on behalf of the child
  • Visitation schedules, to include vacations, holidays, and weekends
  • Changes to custody or visitation orders, such as: if a parent wants to relocate

Grandparents' Rights

In Pennsylvania, grandparents may also petition the court for custody or visitation of grandchildren. Specifically, if a parent has died and the surviving parent refuses to allow grandparent visitation, the court may award the grandparent custody time with the child. Moreover, if a grandparent has served as the primary caregiver for the child for a length of time, or the child's parents are unable to adequately care for the child, a court may grant grandparent custody of the child. Other situations may also warrant grandparent custody and visitation.

Our participation in this process is to file the necessary petitions to the court on behalf of our client; and our mission is to protect our client's legal rights during this legal pursuit and in all family court proceedings.

We have also represented parents who, for reasons, oppose grandparents' requests for visitation or custody.

Stepparent Adoption, which has become more common in recent years, is the adoption of a spouse's child from a prior relationship involving terminating parental rights of the other biological parent by consent or due to abandonment. It also occurs, particularly with same-sex couples, when the child is the biological child of one spouse and the other spouse is going to adopt following a pregnancy that involved use of assisted reproductive technology such as artificial insemination or gestational surrogacy. Securing legal rights to care for a child is often integral to making a family whole. We help by creating what is called a Second-Parent Adoption.

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