Dividing Marital Property During Divorce

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Complex Property Division in Pennsylvania

Marital property division can be the most significant issue in divorce cases involving childless couples, affluent couples, empty nesters, owners of family businesses or those with significant investment assets. Our ability to demystify the asset valuation and distribution process can help you in situations such as:

  • Distinguishing each spouse's separate property from marital assets subject to division in divorce
  • Dividing pension or retirement accounts
  • Recovering concealed transfers of marital property or undisclosed income
  • Ensuring that family business assets are valued at their true worth
  • Dividing tax attributes fairly between divorcing spouses
  • Enforcing or challenging the terms of a prenuptial agreement
  • Negotiating the division of a substantial marital estate
  • Litigating or mediating property division disputes

In many instances, we work with forensic accountants or financial specialists to help us identify accurate valuations and equitable bases of division.

Pennsylvania Law Seeks a Fair Division, Not an Equal Division of Property

As an equitable distribution state, Pennsylvania does not require an even distribution of property between a couple. Rather, state law requires property be distributed fairly. In some cases, we can show that the other spouse should bear some responsibility for dissipating the marital estate through gambling, drug abuse or an affair during the marriage. In these instances, we will argue to persuade the court that the division of assets should favor the innocent party.

Our lawyers also advise same-sex partners or unmarried couples about the division of assets when they choose to go their separate ways.

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