Divorce-Related Issues for Those of High Net Worth

It can be difficult to divide marital property equitably in divorce cases that involve high income earners, family-owned businesses, real estate property and more. Issues such as determining the true value of the couple's assets often require the help of forensic accountants, business valuation experts and family law attorneys versed in handling complex property matters.

At the Media, Pennsylvania, law firm of Berman & Asbel, LLP, we understand that it is in your best interests to work with an understanding, resourceful and efficient attorney. Our attorneys know the pitfalls and subtle nuances of Pennsylvania family law that can confuse an inexperienced lawyer, especially when dealing with affluent couples and significant marital assets.

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Handling All High Net Worth Situations

We have extensive experience representing high net worth families in divorce proceedings, including in situations where:

  • One spouse is the high income earner
  • Both spouses are high income earners
  • A couple has accumulated significant assets

Obtaining Accurate Valuations of Marital Property

There are several aspects involved in a high net worth divorce. Our attorneys will thoroughly and thoughtfully approach each aspect, including:

In these cases, the divorcing spouses need an equitable manner of handling daily cash needs and dividing assets. We will counsel you on the best approach for your specific circumstances.

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