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Student Harassment in Pennsylvania

Every child ought to feel safe and welcome when he or she goes to school. Unfortunately, some students in Pennsylvania are afraid to go to school because they have been mistreated there and feel threatened, discriminated against or harassed at their school.

If your situation is an isolated one with a single perpetrator, legal action or other disciplinary measures can be taken.

A systemic problem

However, sometimes the problem is on a larger scale, exemplified by the complaint filed against a professor and the University of Rochester, where there were numerous accusations of harassment against a teacher and an inadequate response by the school's leadership.

An investigation into the above matter revealed that numerous students had been harassed by the teacher and instead of taking action to remedy the situation and looking into complaints against the teacher, the school attempted to discredit the students.

Standing up to the system

In situations of teacher-on-student harassment, it is often not just an individual doing the harassing and violating a student's rights, but also institutions that look the other way when such misconduct is reported.

Student harassment needs to be confronted. When a child suffers, the entire family suffers. If a student, teacher or school has violated your child's rights, contact an experienced attorney who can bring you a good solution to this painful experience.

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