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Child Support Archives

The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act

Pennsylvania parents who receive or are required to pay child support should be aware of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, or DPPA. Created in 1998, it is a federal child support law that targets individuals who purposely try to avoid making child support payments by relocating to another state.

Incarcerated parents may have child support modified

On Jan. 19, Barack Obama signed a regulation that would allow incarcerated parents in all states to request a modification in child support based on a change in circumstances. Pennsylvania already allowed this. However, in several other states, this was not permitted because incarceration was considered voluntary unemployment.

President Obama addresses prisoner child support rules

Pennsylvania is one of 36 states that allow child support orders to be modified or suspended if the custodial parent is incarcerated. However, imprisonment is viewed as voluntary unemployment in many parts of the country. Therefore, released prisoners may face crippling debts when their child support obligations have been mounting for months or even years. This has been linked to a variety of social ills including increased crime and higher recidivism rates.

Inmates and child support modifications

Pennsylvania non-custodial parents who are incarcerated and who have been ordered to pay child support usually can seek a modification of the order. However, 14 states do not allow parents who are in jail or prison to lower their child support obligations or make it very hard to do so. The Obama administration is moving to put regulations in place by Jan. 20 that will change this. These regulations will require states to set amounts that take a prisoner's income into account.

Paying for a child's sport as a divorced parent

Helping Pennsylvania kids reach their sports dreams can be time consuming and expensive. For many single or divorced parents, finding the money to support those dreams can be quite difficult. This is especially true if both parents do not agree on how much should be spent on particular activities.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose file divorce settlement

Rapper, songwriter and actor Wiz Khalifa will be able to remain in his luxurious Pennsylvania home and continue to enjoy his collection of rare American muscle cars under a divorce settlement filed on June 6. The deal reportedly calls for Khalifa's former wife, the model and actress Amber Rose, to be paid a sum of $1 million. Reports indicate that Khalifa has already paid Rose $356,000.

50 Cent asked to pay more child support for son's education

Pennsylvania fans of rapper 50 Cent may have heard that he has a difficult relationship with his son and his ex, Shaniqua Thompkins, who is requesting more child support for their 19-year-old son Marquise so that she can pay for his college education. Their child support agreement stipulates that 50 Cent pay support for Marquise until he is 21. 50 Cent currently pays $6,700 monthly.

Music mogul ordered to pay wife in child support case

People in Pennsylvania who are in the midst of a dispute over child support can take heart in the reality that these issues can affect anyone. Whether it is a person of limited means or a person who has significant assets and income, there is always a chance of a disagreement over issues of support. Such is the case with the music mogul Master P, as he has been ordered by the court to pay both child support and spousal support to Sonya Miller, his estranged wife.

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