Animal Law

Many people view their pets as family members and want to take steps to protect their pets and animals. Our attorneys at Berman & Asbel, LLP will help you manage your Pennsylvania pet or animal legal matter with the sensitivity and dedication your pet or animal deserves.

Delaware County Animal Law Attorneys

Our attorneys represent clients with animal law matters such as:

  • Pet contracts: To make sure your new family member has all the protection he or she deserves and to protect you (the owner) from misrepresentations, we will negotiate a pet, breeding, or show contract in the purchase or breeding of your purebred animal.
  • Conversion and replevin: Pennsylvania law views animals as personal property and not the family members most people consider their pets to be. Nevertheless, if your family member is stolen or wrongfully withheld from you, there are causes of action that can help you recover your family member and/or damages against the perpetrator.
  • Pet custody: When couples split up or divorce, sometimes furry-family members get caught in between. We will draft a pre- or post-nuptial agreement or a property settlement agreement to set out exactly who gets custody of your furry-family member in the event you and your significant other split up.
  • Veterinary malpractice: Sometimes veterinarians make mistakes in judgment that rise to the level of professional incompetence. Other times, the emotional loss of a beloved pet causes pet owners to find fault with a veterinarian when there is none. If you have lost your pet due to veterinary malpractice or if you are a veterinarian facing a lawsuit and potential license consequences, contact us for an initial consultation.
  • Dog bite claims and defense.

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