Criminal Law

Experienced Lawyers Essential

90% of criminal cases are resolved by negotiation, and Berman & Asbel, LLP lawyers have had many years of experience dealing with the prosecution, knowing when charges can be reduced, and going to trial when the case should be tried. We are strong in our knowledge of criminal law, strong in our experience in the courtroom and strong at negotiation on behalf of our clients who we aim to protect.

Experience Counts!

Criminal Charges Are Serious

Look out for your rights. Being convicted of or pleading guilty to committing a crime, even a minor crime, can put you in jail and brand you with a criminal record. No matter how severe or seemingly minor, a criminal charge will affect your life. If you want to get hired for a job, get housing, get into school, become a lawyer or doctor, or sell insurance or investments, a criminal record, even if it's only a misdemeanor, possession or DUI, can hurt your chances.

We can help you with any of the following issues:

  • Drunk driving (DUI/DWI) or underage drinking
  • Drug charges, including possession and intent to distribute
  • Criminal domestic violence
  • Theft, including robbery, burglary and shoplifting
  • White collar crimes, including embezzlement, fraud and forgery
  • Sexual harassment

If you have been charged with DUI for the first time, our legal team will work hard to get you into Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, which is a pretrial intervention program.

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