Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

No matter what your financial circumstances may be, the tax and personal consequences of not having a properly prepared estate plan can be devastating and expensive for your beneficiaries.

Working with an experienced estate attorney will enable you to create an estate plan that supports your unique needs and goals. You can control the distribution of your assets and make your wishes known, a kind and thoughtful gift to your family.

Waiting until a crisis occurs may severely limit your options and, again, may be very costly. Tackle your estate planning needs today while you have the time, health and good judgment necessary for making important decisions.

With decades of experience across the spectrum of estate planning and related areas, we can help with the following:

  • Last wills and testaments
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Powers of attorney
  • Trusts
    • Irrevocable life insurance trusts
    • Testamentary trusts
    • Estate tax credit bypass trusts
    • Living trusts
    • Charitable remainder trusts
    • Other forms of revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Understanding estate taxes and the legal options for minimizing them
  • Disability planning involving special needs trusts and other instruments to protect eligibility for Medicaid
  • Guardianships and guardianship litigation

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