Disability Planning

Proper planning can ensure you receive the care and attention you need if you become disabled anytime in the future. At our law firm Berman & Asbel, LLP we can draft disability planning documents for you so you can rest easy, knowing your needs will be taken care of, should the unforeseen occur.

Seek Disability Planning Advice While You Are Healthy

Planning for the possibility of a future disability when you are healthy has many benefits. For example, asset transfers and trust instruments designed to protect your Medicaid eligibility work best when they are in place years before you need them. Additionally, elderly individuals can plan for in-home assistance or nursing care before this becomes an immediate concern rather than an abstract possibility.

Special Needs Trusts for Individuals With Long-Term Disabilities

It is not enough to leave behind money or make generous provisions to a family member with a developmental disability or other special needs. A better option for some families is to set up a special needs trust that will not only provide the resources your loved one will need over an indefinite period, but also protect the beneficiary's eligibility for such benefits as Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid.

Special needs trusts can provide similar benefits for you as well as for third parties. If you are on any form of means-tested government assistance, but have an expectation of an inheritance or other nonexempt assets, we can show you how to protect your own eligibility while enjoying the benefit of these personal or family resources.

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