Family Law

We at Berman & Asbel, LLP pride ourselves on providing extremely competent representation in divorce and family law. With over 50 years of combined family law experience, our award-winning attorneys are prepared to handle any and all family law concerns.

Divorce, property-settlement, financial support arrangements, custody and relocation orders will impact your life for years to come. It makes good sense to hire an attorney who knows Pennsylvania law inside and out. Our attorneys provide honest advice and guidance allowing you to make well-informed decisions throughout the disposition of your case.

Nontraditional families, unmarried couples, same sex couples, et al, often have unique legal needs that we are experienced in bringing to successful resolution.

Not all divorces are adversarial, and many couples are able to resolve their issues without going to court. If that describes your situation, working together to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution method could be your best option. Solving complicated family law issues without going to trial can give you more control over your final agreement, and save time and money.

Some family law issues might include the following:

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