Health Care Law

If you are a health care provider, doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, et al, faced with allegations that you have broken the law in your practice, your reputation and practice can be ruined. Criminal charges of wrongdoing can result in the loss of your license to practice. Who you hire to represent you in your criminal defense matters a great deal both in court and before administrative licensing boards.

Cases of this type are often the result of anonymous whistleblower allegations. By the time you face charges, it is likely that the prosecution has already conducted a lengthy investigation into your practice.

Because the outcome of any criminal charge will affect your status and your professional license, it is very important that you act quickly in acquiring knowledgeable legal representation.

We have successfully defended health care providers against allegations such as:

  • Health care fraud
  • Overbilling patients, Medicaid, and Medicare
  • Performing unnecessary procedures
  • Double billing
  • Unlicensed staff performing tasks they are not authorized to perform

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