Motor Vehicle Accidents

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What Not to Do After a Car Accident

1. Do not ignore your injuries

The first thing anyone should do after an accident is seek medical help. Even small injuries can become big problems down the road.

2. Do not assume your insurance company is on your side

Insurance companies have business goals that do not align with full pay outs. Speak with a lawyer before you provide a statement to your insurer.

3. Do not accept the first settlement offer without contacting an attorney.

The first offer is rarely the best offer.

Key Facts to Know About Pennsylvania's Car Accident Laws

Did you know?:

  • You have two years to bring a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Your insurance choice matters. If you have no-fault insurance, your insurance company will cover you if you caused the accident, but can also prevent you from suing another at-fault driver.
  • You can recover damages if you were partially at fault in your auto accident. The percentage at which you were at fault will affect the damage award you receive.
  • You may be able to recover compensation for both economic damages (medical expenses, vehicle repairs, wages lost due to injury) and non-economic damages (emotional distress, loss of companionship)

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