estate planning checklist

Estate Planning Checklist to Make Sure Your Estate is Covered

A complete estate plan is more than just a will. Make sure your estate is covered, and your personal wishes are met, by using this estate planning checklist with must-have documents for estate planning. Knowing you have what you need in place now wil… Read More
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What to Do When a Spouse…

What to Do When a Spouse Fails to Respond to Divorce Papers

Your spouse may not be ready for divorce when you are. Hard feelings, hostility, or fear could stand in the way of moving on from a broken marriage. What can you do when your spouse fails to respond to divorce papers? Can one spouse get a divorce eve… Read More
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pa domestic violence

What is Considered Domestic Violence in PA?

An abusive relationship can hurt you physically, emotionally, and financially. Getting out of a relationship or marriage involving domestic violence often means turning to the Pennsylvania courts for help. But not every abuser physically assaults his… Read More
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inventory of estate assets to avoid dying without a will

What Happens When You Die Without a Will in Pennsylvania?

When a family member or loved one dies without a will, it can leave you scrambling to determine what to do with their property and assets. Pennsylvania has laws that control who will inherit if someone dies without a will. However, dying without a wi… Read More
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prenup agreement

What Makes a Strong, Valid Prenup in Pennsylvania?

If you have children from a previous relationship, own a share in the family business, or just want to make sure you and your spouse are treated fairly in divorce, you might be considering a prenuptial agreement. However, not all marital agreements a… Read More
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uninsured driver

What to Do When You’ve Been Hit by an Uninsured Driver

Any auto accident can threaten your health and disrupt your life. But if you’ve been hit by an uninsured driver, you need extra help getting the recovery you need to heal. Pennsylvania law around being hit by uninsured drivers and hit-and-run motor… Read More
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contest a will

Contesting a Will in Pennsylvania

When a loved one dies, it can come as a shock. Learning you have been left out of that person’s will, or are set to receive less than you expect, can be just as hard. Find out your options to contest a will in Pennsylvania and how the attorneys at… Read More
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restraining order

How Does a Restraining Order Affect Child Custody?

Conflict between spouses or co-parents always puts a strain on children. When it rises to the level of protection orders and claims of domestic violence, it can interfere with a parent’s connection to his or her children, creating extra hurdles to… Read More
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high net worth divorce

Why High Net Worth Divorces Are More Complicated

Families with substantial means often face problems unique to their station in life. Managing the family’s lifestyle and financial portfolio can be difficult. When these relationships end, the resulting high net worth divorces are more complicated… Read More
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D.U.I. Check Point sign

DUI Checkpoints: What Are Your Rights?

DUI checkpoints are part of life on the roads of Pennsylvania. You have rights when stopped by an officer at a drunk driving roadblock. If the police violate those rights, your DUI could get dismissed. Find out what your rights are, and how the crimi… Read More
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