How Judges Divide Propert…

How Judges Divide Property in a Pennsylvania Divorce

When a couple gets married and moves in together, each spouse brings certain property with them: cars, bank accounts, sometimes even a home. Over the years of the marriage, they gather more together. What happens when the couple separates and eventua… Read More
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Medical Marijuana and Pen…

Medical Marijuana and Pennsylvania Drug Charges: What You Need to Know

The Pennsylvania legislature approved the use of medical marijuana in 2016, but at the start of 2020 the state’s medical marijuana laws are still more restrictive than others around the country. Find out what patients and caregivers should know abo… Read More
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Do You Need to Go to Cour…

Do You Need to Go to Court Before Moving Away From Pennsylvania With Your Child?

The time after the end of a marriage or relationship can be difficult, but it can also provide the opportunity for new beginnings—including a geographic move, perhaps for a new job or to be closer to extended family. Unfortunately, if you are a par… Read More
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What to Do First After an…

What to Do First After an Auto Accident?

The moments after an auto accident can feel frantic and confusing. It can be hard to know what to do first. Follow this checklist to protect yourself, and your rights, and get the information you will need later if you end up filing a personal injury… Read More
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What are Fathers’ Right…

What are Fathers’ Rights When Parents Aren’t Married?

When a family welcomes a new child it should be a happy event. But when a child’s parents aren’t married sometimes that child’s father faces an uphill paternity battle to establish their rights and protect their children. When Parents’ Rights… Read More
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Common Defenses to Drunk…

Common Defenses to Drunk Driving Charges

A stop at a DUI checkpoint didn’t go well. A police officer pulled you over for speeding when you’d had too much to drink. Or maybe you caused a drunk driving accident. However it happened, if you find yourself facing Pennsylvania DUI charges, yo… Read More
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How Do Judges Decide Chil…

How Do Judges Decide Child Custody in Pennsylvania?

Child custody can be the single most important important issue when couples divorce or unmarried parents go their separate ways. Both parents often want to be sure they have time with their children and the authority to make important decisions in th… Read More
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Should You Include Fault…

Should You Include Fault in Your Pennsylvania Divorce?

Blame and fault is almost always part of getting a divorce. There is a reason why couples no longer want to be together, and each spouse probably has a different explanation for what went wrong. In Pennsylvania, some of those reasons affect the proce… Read More
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Grandmother reading a book to granddaughters

Grandparents Child Custody Rights

ASK BUD Grandparent – “How can a grandparent get custody? Bud asks – “Tell me about the relationship.” Grandparent: “I had a very close relationship with my granddaughter, Ivy (name changed for confidentiality), for a few years, and then… Read More
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Pennsylvania Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

Our attorneys at Berman & Associates take a strong position both in and out of the court system when we represent clients facing first offense DUI charges. Being able to avoid that conviction puts you in a position to apply for an expungement (er… Read More
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