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Should Doctors Lose Their Licenses Because They Won't Use Computers?

There are many legal requirements with which health care workers must comply as part of their professional duties. Failure to do so may result in the loss or suspension of their licenses to practice, even if patients are satisfied with the care they provided.

Increasingly, these professional duties include utilizing various technological tools to do such things as track prescriptions and update medical records. Doctors who prefer analog methods to digital methods could face challenges to their licenses.

Facing Drug Charges? 3 Mistakes That Can Make the Situation Worse

If you are accused of a drug-related offense, you are innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, people often do things after an accusation that can make their situation worse. In this post, we will look at three mistakes to avoid if you are accused of drug use or possession in Pennsylvania.

How Proposed Tax Reforms Could Affect Alimony

Alimony tax deductions could disappear under the House of Representative's recent tax reform plan. Currently, individuals who pay alimony receive a tax deduction, and those who receive it must include it as income on their tax returns.

Under the House's bill:

  1. Individuals paying alimony would no longer be able to claim it as a tax deduction and may be inclined to seek lower payments.
  2. Individuals receiving alimony would not need to include alimony as taxable income.

What to Do if Your Teenager Faces Shoplifting Charges

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, teenagers make up approximately 25 percent of shoplifters in the U.S. There is no "average" description of a teenage shoplifter. Sometimes good students, pressured by their peers on a dare or to test limits, are arrested for shoplifting.

What should you do?

4 Estate Planning Documents To Protect Your Children/Grandchildren

Whether your assets are modest or substantial, providing guidance and legal certainty for your children and grandchildren if something happens to you is highly recommended.

People tend to avoid this subject because it can be unpleasant or uncomfortable. However, you can do yourself and your children a great service by making the decision to complete at least some basic estate planning now. In this way, you, and not the court, can make the decisions such as: "who will see that my wishes are carried out?", "who will be the guardians of my children or the assets I leave to them?", "how will my assets be divided between my children or grandchildren?"

Pennsylvania Fathers: Protect Your Rights

Historically, fathers have been considered secondary caregivers, more likely to be breadwinners than to stay at home with the kids. Times have changed. According to this report from Pew Research Center, the number of fathers who are sole breadwinners has decreased from 47 percent to 27 percent since 1970. Fathers today spend triple the amount of time on childcare than they did in 1965. In addition, more couples are deciding not to marry, which has meant more unwed fathers.

Before Disinheriting Someone, Ask Yourself Some Questions

Recently, the topic of disinheritance made headlines when comedian Jerry Lewis disinherited his six biological children in his will. While his estranged children may not have been surprised by the news, it certainly had an impact on his readers and fans.

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