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Contesting a Will in Pennsylvania

When a loved one dies, it can come as a shock. Learning you have been left out of that person’s will, or are set to receive less than you expect, can be just as hard. Find out your options to contest a will in Pennsylvania and how the attorneys at… Read More
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restraining order

How Does a Restraining Order Affect Child Custody?

Conflict between spouses or co-parents always puts a strain on children. When it rises to the level of protection orders and claims of domestic violence, it can interfere with a parent’s connection to his or her children, creating extra hurdles to… Read More
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high net worth divorce

Why High Net Worth Divorces Are More Complicated

Families with substantial means often face problems unique to their station in life. Managing the family’s lifestyle and financial portfolio can be difficult. When these relationships end, the resulting high net worth divorces are more complicated… Read More
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DUI Checkpoints: What Are Your Rights?

DUI checkpoints are part of life on the roads of Pennsylvania. You have rights when stopped by an officer at a drunk driving roadblock. If the police violate those rights, your DUI could get dismissed. Find out what your rights are, and how the crimi… Read More
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Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

One of the biggest issues in any custody case and most divorces where children are involved is the parenting plan. This is the court order that sets out who will be responsible for different parts of a child’s upbringing, and where the children wil… Read More
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Police officer using radio

Does the Fourth Amendment Let Police Follow You into Your Home?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution protects you from police searches of your home, your body, and your property without a warrant. But there are exceptions. The United States Supreme Court will soon decide whether a Fourth Amendme… Read More
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Tips on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer

The right lawyer can turn a nasty, emotional divorce into an understandable, and endurable process. But how do you know the family lawyer sitting across from you is the best person for the job? Here are some tips on how to find a divorce lawyer that… Read More
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Due Process During The Coronavirus

If you have been charged with a crime since March 2020, there is a good chance you are still waiting for your case to be resolved. This could be a violation of your rights. Find out what those rights are, and how due process is being protected during… Read More
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Who Gets the House in a Divorce in Pennsylvania?

The home where you and your spouse have raised your children can be one of the most sensitive parts of any divorce. Deciding who gets the house in a divorce raises financial, custody, and practical concerns. Find out how Pennsylvania courts sort it a… Read More
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What is a Nolo Contendere Plea?

If you have been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania and the evidence against you is strong you may wonder if you have any choice but to plead guilty. Pennsylvania criminal law allows for a nolo contendere plea in some cases. Find out what it is, wh… Read More
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