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When clearing snow, remember the top of your car

Wow!  That was quite a snowstorm we just had.  Here in the Philadelphia area, the official count was 28.5 inches.  Lots of folks will need to dig out their driveways and dig out their cars.  When doing all that, don't forget that you must clean off the whole car, not just the windows.  In Pennsylvania, it's the law.  Why?  That snow may look pretty and harmless sitting on the roof of your car but when you are driving, the movement of the car or wind blowing can cause that snow to fly back and hit other cars.  I have personally experienced big chunks of snow blowing off vehicles in front of me and landing on my windshield suddenly making it impossible to see.  It is frightening and a major danger for an accident.

So do yourself and everyone else a favor - clean the snow off the whole car or make sure the enterprising youths who are doing your snow cleanup for you clean off your whole car too.

Stay safe and just think - we are supposed to have another major snowfall on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Oh goody! 

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