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Woman in "Fall at the Mall" video considers legal action

Cathy Marrero, a Pennsylvania woman, was walking through a mall doing what millions of people do all day long - texting.  Ms. Marrero's problem began when, while texting, she was not paying attention to where she was walking and she fell into a fountain.  Security cameras captured this moment on video and someone uploaded it to YouTube where it has gone "viral."  Ms. Marrero has now retained a lawyer and is considering legal action because mall security failed to assist her and because the video was uploaded to the Internet.   It will be interesting to see where a potential legal action goes.   While the mall's personnel may not have acted properly, let's keep in mind also that this person started her own troubles by being careless.  Ms. Marrero did concede in a WFMZ TV interview that it is dangerous to walk and text and she warns others to learn from her experience. Someone I know told me a story of driving and someone walked off the curb into the street with moving traffic while texting and not paying attention - an accident was narrowly avoided.

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This woman is clearly seeking a big payday. Recent revelations show she is facing felony charges and will need money for a lawyer, fees and fines. She was clearly not identifiable in the video and until she went public and outed herself, nobody had a clue who she was.

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