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Holmes, Cruise finalize split; now they can both move on

One of the common ways divorce is represented is as a "problem." Divorce carries such a negative connotation because it represents the end of marriage, which is personified as one of the great human institutions. However, divorce is not a problem, nor is it a bad thing.

When a married couple reaches a point in their relationship where things become untenable -- whether they are constantly upset at each other or they simply don't feel the love that they once had -- then staying in that unhappy and unfulfilling relationship is a problem. You and your spouse will be stressed and anxious; your performance at work could suffer; and there are many other emotional and mental side-effects of maintain a relationship that both parties, deep down, know should be over.

Divorce, then, is merely the process for unhappy couples to solve their marital problems. Is it a fun process? Of course not. But it also doesn't have to be a long, painful one either.

Not that celebrity divorces have a whole lot in common with the splits of everyday people, but the finalization of Katie Holmes' divorce from Tom Cruise does show a valuable lesson that any splitting couple can learn from.

Cruise and Holmes only took 53 days to complete their divorce, a quick process that spared them lots of stress and allowed them to move on with their lives. Holmes has reportedly been out on the town and fulfilling some of her professional goals, starting a new clothing line. Cruise is set to star in a few movies in the coming year.

It's not a perfect comparison, but moving on to a new and better life -- free from the tumultuous relationship you once had -- is the goal of divorce.

Source: Examiner, "Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce final: She's working on her bucket list," Kelly Hall, Aug. 23, 2012

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