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Prenups can greatly aid in property division during divorce

Having a prenuptial agreement in place prior to tying the knot is a solid financial decision for many Pennsylvania couples. In many cases, the marriage will move forward and the couple will never have need of the document. However, if the union should end in divorce, a properly drafted prenup can greatly reduce contention over issues related to property division.

When it comes to prenups, the agreements can be as unique as the couples that they serve. A recent look at some of the more unusual prenuptial arrangements in recent years demonstrates the flexibility of these documents, and also highlights the strange and somewhat odd demands that some couples make of each other. In terms of celebrity divorces, Rosie O'Donnell has reportedly stipulated in her prenup with wife Michelle Rounds that should Rounds cheat, she can expect to receive nothing of value in the resulting divorce. While that request may seem reasonable to some readers, others may find the demand harder to sympathize with.

One husband-to-be apparently demanded that his wife not cut her hair. Another asserted that there be no piano playing while he was present inside the family home. A wife demanded to be paid $50,000 by her husband for each child she carried to term. Another wife stipulated that each time her husband was rude toward her parents, he would be responsible for a $10,000 fine.

While most Pennsylvania residents may not feel the need to draft a prenup that places controlling demands on their future spouses, many do recognize the need to have a more 'standard' prenuptial agreement in place before they wed. A prenup can address issues of property division in the event of a divorce, and can outline each partner's agreement in terms of who would retain ownership of a family business or inheritance. While a prenuptial agreement can cover a wide range of topics, many have found such a contract to provide an important level of financial security should the contemplated marriage result in an unplanned divorce.

Source:, "New York City's craziest prenups," Doree Lewak, Sept. 24, 2012

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