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Property division can be complicated by personality disorders

Divorce can be challenging, even in the best of circumstances when both parties agree that the split is the right decision for all involved. When one spouse does not want to work amicably with the other to end a marriage in Pennsylvania, things can quickly degrade into a long and tedious process. However, there may be no divorce scenario worse than ending a union with a partner who is a true narcissist. When one spouse has a serious personality disorder, issues such as child custody or property division can turn into seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Surprised woman learns she is heir to multimillion dollar fortune

As we have discussed in this blog in the past, not everyone prepares a will. This is particularly surprising among elderly individuals who control a great number of assets, as one would assume that they would have particular plans for their wealth after they passed on.

Did Abraham Lincoln have a will?

This holiday film season has seen Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" raking in some serious dough, but did our 16th president have a plan for his money after death? The answer is no; Abraham Lincoln died intestate, meaning without a will. These days, any major figure of state is certain to have a proper will, but in Lincoln's day, this was not so common. So what happened?

Unusual approach to avoid divorce, property division

Pennsylvania couples who are considering divorce may be interested in a recently published piece that outlines a new solution to an unhappy marriage. The unusual approach promises an easier path to happiness than that offered by a traditional divorce, and the ability to avoid the hassles of property division. However, as with most sweeping claims, the devil seems to be in the details.

Woman's estate benefits a favorite cause

We often post about estate planning, but here's a case of a woman who donated her entire $500,000 estate. She had no children, and her husband and siblings had all passed away. As a pet owner and supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, she decided to pursue donating her estate to support her favorite cause. Her attorney and executor of her will helped her to write out the details of her benefits.

Pennsylvania property division can be made difficult by debt

When a Pennsylvania couple prepares to divorce, one of the top concerns is how to fairly divide the marital assets. This is especially important given the expense of moving from one combined household to two separate entities. As couples prepare for this shift, both parties need to be able to form accurate budgets. The process of property division is essential in projecting where each spouse will stand financially following the split.

Pennsylvania teens may be 'beat' by Jackson estate

What was meant to be a light-hearted effort to encourage reading has become a probate case with a major celebrity estate. Teens at the Lansdowne Public Library made a YouTube video in which they changed the lyrics to the Michael Jackson hit "Beat It" into "Read It." Sony-ATV Records, which is the owner of Jackson's songs through his estate, is refusing to grant the do-gooders rights to post the version of the song.

Handling custody and visitation issues during the holidays

No matter how many years have passed since a divorce, or how much the split was wanted by both parties, the holidays can dredge up a wide range of emotions between divorced parents in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the child or children at the center of a broken family are the ones who will most acutely feel and tension or stress between the parents. There are a number of ways to ease any custody and visitation issues that come up during the holiday season.

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