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Social group changing the image of the trust-fund baby

Resource Generation is a social group with a uniquely charitable attitude. The group is made up of individuals that are commonly known as "trust-fund babies." They are the beneficiaries of large trusts set up by wealthy family members. Their goal is to change the stereotypical image of the trust-fund baby that grows up without being required to earn a living -- a stereotype that is often exaggerated.

Legal consultation can answer many property division questions

When a Pennsylvania spouse has concerns over the possibility that their marriage could be heading for divorce, one of the primary worries involves how marital property will be split. This is not an insignificant concern, as the financial ramifications of a divorce can have lasting effects on one's future financial stability. One of the best ways to address the issue of property division is to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce attorney.

Same-sex couples and divorce: Financial concerns

When a same-sex marriage begins to falter, Pennsylvania spouses often feel the need to make preparations in case the union ends in divorce. This instinct is understandable, as the financial ramifications of divorce can be life-altering, no matter the gender of the spouses involved. Regardless of whether a divorce is the eventual outcome or not, there are several wise steps related to same-sex couples and divorce that spouses can, and should take to get their financial houses in order.

Conservators, probate judge approve sale of Mickey Rooney's home

Mickey Rooney began his career as a child star and overtime developed his talents as a movie star, television actor, talk show host, voice-over character, stage actor and even served as a radio personality. The actor celebrated his 92nd birthday recently, and while he still makes a number of appearances, his health has begun to fail.

Property division strategies for reducing tax burden

When a couple with children divorce, the sheer number of decisions that must be made can feel overwhelming. Matters of child custody take precedence, but once those details are worked out, Pennsylvania parents often turn their attention to the financial ramifications of the end of the marriage. The manner in which a couple approaches property division can make a world of difference to the eventual outcome of the divorce, and the financial stability of each spouse as they move forward in their own lives.

Police officer's friendship under scrutiny, chiefs back his inheritance, II

In our prior post we shared the story of an eccentric elderly woman who decided to leave much of her estate to a police officer who she became friends with after he helped remove what she called "members of the nation's gang" from her property. That same property was left to the officer as well as a Cadillac, stocks and a bond.

"Hidden" divorce savings can affect property division

When preparing to divorce, many Pennsylvania spouses fear retaliatory actions on the part of their soon-to-be ex. One commonly used tactic is for the embittered spouse to limit or block the other party's access to joint accounts or other financial assets. This can leave one spouse ill-equipped to pay for living expenses or legal needs during the timeline of the divorce and property division process.

Police officer's friendship under scrutiny, chiefs back his inheritance

When it comes to the distributions made in wills, trusts and through other tools during estate administration, there are often people who are left unsatisfied with the result. In some cases it is a child who though his or her gift was unfair in comparison. In others it is surprise as to what is or more often what is not included in the estate. In some, it is simply the circumstances in which the estate was designed prior to the death.

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