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Failure to pay child support means arrest for Pennsylvania woman

When it comes to divorce, there are many decisions that need to be made and solutions that need to be found for many issues. When there are children involved, there are added issues such as child custody and child support. The parents who are awarded custody of their children often rely on child support payments from the noncustodial parent in order to pay for their children's needs. When parents do not make these payments, it can lead to hardships for the children and, as with the case of one woman living in Pennsylvania, arrest for the parent accused of failing to make payments.

A woman now living in Honesdale is said to have left her home state in order to evade trial for nonpayment of child support. Her lack of payment can be traced back to 1999 and has accumulated to approximately $350,000. She was located in Pennsylvania and arrested by Honesdale police. She will be returned to her previous state of residence and proceedings will take place from there.

Nonpayment of child support not only affects the parent who should be receiving the payments. I addition, any children involved may have to forego certain necessities due to lack of money. A one-income household may have to run on a tight budget, and when an expected payment is not made, it can hinder how smoothly the day-to-day lives of that household runs. Failure to pay child support is a serious endeavor that can come with severe penalties.

Child support can be a complicated issue to sort out. Having as much information as possible on Pennsylvania child support laws can be helpful for anyone going through a divorce involving children or who is in a situation where child support is not being paid. The agreements made during divorce and child custody proceedings are binding, and the custodial parent or guardian is entitled to the agreed upon child support terms.

Source:, "PA woman who owes $325,000 in Orange County child support arrested," May 25, 2013

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