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International child custody issue may interest Pennsylvanians

As many Pennsylvania residents know, the decisions to be made during a divorce proceeding can become very strenuous. When children are involved, the child custody issues can create their own set of burdens for both the parents attempting to make the choices and the children being affected. When one parent wishes to move to another state, the arrangements made in regards to custody can become even more complicated. In some cases, child custody can even become an international issue.


A custody battle is going to federal court in one southern state as parents fighting for custody of their children now reside in different countries. The dispute began when twin boys traveled to the United States with their father to visit relatives. When they arrived, their father contacted their mother and filed for divorce. The current issue being dealt with by the federal court is which country will decide which parent gets custody of the children.

The boys' mother currently lives in Europe, and her children have reportedly lived the majority of their lives there. While the twins were born in the United States, their mother is of Romanian nationality with citizenship in the United States. Their mother is citing several international laws to help strengthen her case against the boys' father.


This international battle for child custody is only the beginning of a long and costly dispute. The mother's knowledge of international laws and treaties regarding custody may help her during the court proceedings. Even if cases do not have international ties, deciding custody can be a difficult endeavor. Parents going through difficult child custody proceedings may wish to arm themselves with knowledge of Pennsylvania family laws that could help decide a case.


Source:, "International child custody trial begins in Nashville," May 22, 2013

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