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Pennsylvania property division laws not replaced by tabloid cases

Many Pennsylvania couples cannot wait to begin making purchases together as newlyweds. Buying a house, furniture and vehicles are often common purchases made by couples. Unfortunately, when couples decide to divorce, marital property division can become a tense issue when it comes to dividing items. There may also be confusion as what to constitutes as one party's voluntarily disowning a piece of property. Because divorce processes can be confusing, it is important that information is gained from the right sources.


The main divorce cases that are often heard about are those that deal with high asset divorces or celebrity couples. Cases such as these make headlines and draw a lot of attention from the public. Many people may glean divorce information from these high profile cases and attempt to apply it to their own situations without realizing that divorce proceedings vary from case to case. Not only do situations vary, but some of the information being released on high profile cases is not entirely correct.

One celebrity divorce case that has gained a lot of followers is projecting an interesting situation but possibly inaccurate information regarding property division. Though the couple is separating, they are choosing to remain in their jointly owned apartment due to the idea that should one party leave the residence then that party would forfeit ownership of the property. However, just because one spouse leaves the residence, the property does not automatically come under the full ownership of the spouse staying in the residence.


Because each divorce case is unique and issues such as property division have their own variables, it is important for individuals going through the process to have correct information. By looking into divorce and property division laws in Pennsylvania, parties are more likely to have applicable and accurate information. Having the knowledge to proceed purposefully can be helpful to those contemplating divorce.


Source: Forbes, "Should You Move Out Of The Marital Home? Learn From Divorce Attorneys, Not The Tabloids," Jeff Landers, June 11, 2013

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