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Pennsylvania child support could be affected by income changes

Pennsylvania mothers and fathers know that becoming a noncustodial parent can be a hard fact to accept. On top of possibly not seeing their children as often as they like, noncustodial parents often have to pay child support to the custodial parent. These payments are typically made in order for a parent to be better able to provide for the children in their custody. Child support issues are common when going through divorce proceedings, but complications can continue to arise as parents can face changes income, lack of payments and other circumstances.

As changes regarding child custody come up, parents often need to figure out if they can handle the situation on their own. Late payments can be irksome to the recipient, but if the issue does not veer far from the normal payment time, then it may be able to be resolved with a simple discussion. Should payment times become significantly varied or do not come at all, legal action may be needed in order to enforce that payments are made when they are supposed to be made.

Considerable changes in income or employment can be cause for modification of child support payments. The change typically has to be in place for at least six months before it should be put into consideration for a change in child support. Similarly, the total loss of employment could be a significant cause for a necessary payment change. If a marriage ended on amiable terms, the parents may be able to discuss how the changes affect the payments, but their terms should be officially and legally modified.

As people's lives are constantly changing, there is always the chance that adjustments to child support may need to be considered. This topic can sometimes be a stressful one to discuss, and Pennsylvania laws regarding support payments can be complex. Finding information relevant to an individual's case could be beneficial in order for the process to move forward more smoothly.

Source:, "IT'S YOUR MONEY: Flexibility is key with child support and alimony," Linda Leitz, July 15, 2013

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