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New reproductive technologies present challenges for estate plans

Many people in Pennsylvania have personal experience with reproductive technologies. Whether is it a friend, family member, or your own family who has relied on technologies like in-vitro fertilization, it is clear that these innovations have great potential to help people have children.

Pennsylvania property division: Dealing with digital assets

Dividing up property during a divorce has the potential to cause many arguments for already tense Pennsylvania couples. Though some areas of property division can be easier to navigate than others, advances in technology have caused more and more non-physical property to come into question during division proceedings. Many couples may be at a loss as to how to divvy up digital property, but as technology continues to hold prevalent places among property, it is an important area to look into.

How do we measure reasonable fees for a trustee?

The question of how to estimate "reasonable" trustee fees is probably not at the top of the minds of most Pennsylvania readers. The concept is rather distant from our daily lives, and the idea of something being objectively "reasonable" is a concept that may exist only in the bounds of the law. One person's idea of reasonable fees to compensate them for their work managing a trust may be wildly different from the next, but in the end all of the parties must agree on a number and pay it. 

Parents should explore options for child support modification

When the dust settles after a divorce, many Pennsylvania parents may feel that they can put the arguments, agreements and decision making regarding the process behind them. However, even if much time has passed, issues regarding some of those decisions can arise. Child support and custody are common areas that some parties wish to have revisited. When parties wish for modifications to be made, parents will have to determine how to go about possibly making changes to an agreement.

Pennsylvania judge says partner has inheritance rights

A federal judge ruled that in order to comply with the recent Supreme Court ruling that invalidated the Defense of Marriage Act, the same-sex spouse of deceased attorney should inherit her share of her law firm's profit-sharing plan.

Parents could be forced to pay child support for unrelated kids

Paying child support often becomes the responsibility of noncustodial parents. Many noncustodial parents in Pennsylvania accept this duty because they love their children and want to help provide for them. However, there have been cases in which a person has been required to pay child support to a former spouse for children the payer has no biological relation to. Such a situation can be very confusing and many parents may wonder how the requirement is legal.

Balancing tax planning and other priorities in estate plans

Estate planning is a complex and very personal process, involving many difficult decisions on how and when to pass along assets to a spouse, children, other family members, friends, or charitable organizations. In addition to these considerations, tax planning is also often a major concern.

Property division: Who is entitled to a business practice?

Filing for divorce can be the first step in a sometimes complicated process. Further issues typically arise involving child custody or property division, which have the potential of becoming complex issues. Deciding what property belongs to which spouse can lead to heated debates. When that property moves from common items such as furniture or houses to more questionable items such as businesses or practices, the situation can take some time to resolve.

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