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Parents should explore options for child support modification

When the dust settles after a divorce, many Pennsylvania parents may feel that they can put the arguments, agreements and decision making regarding the process behind them. However, even if much time has passed, issues regarding some of those decisions can arise. Child support and custody are common areas that some parties wish to have revisited. When parties wish for modifications to be made, parents will have to determine how to go about possibly making changes to an agreement.

Making changes to support payments can be a somewhat difficult endeavor as parents must agree to new terms. The main reason a parent may want to change payment agreements is because there has been a significant change in their income. If either parent loses a job, problems with child support can be posed. The paying parent may need to request reduced payments and the receiving parent could need an increase in payments. If the changes in income are rather minuscule, trying to vie for a modification may be an unsuccessful endeavor.

When a parent wishes to make some sort of change to their child support, there are certain options that are available. If there is the possibility that the situation cannot be resolved amicably, going to court to have the agreements modified through the use of attorneys or appearing on one's own behalf may be the best option. There is also the route of mediation in which parents can discuss options and possible changes with a third party mediator that could help come to more agreeable terms.

Deciding the best route to take when requesting a child support modification is an individual decision that should be based on the circumstances of the situation. Some changes can be made more easily than others, but litigation and mediation both have strong points when it comes to resolving issues. Having a better understanding of Pennsylvania child support laws can greatly benefit parents looking to make changes to payment agreements.

Source: Huffington Post, "Which Would You Choose -- Mediation or Litigation - When Seeking Child Support Modification?" Diane L. Danois, July 30, 2013

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