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Fathers' rights groups hope to gain attention for child custody

The relationships children have with their parents can shape their lives significantly. They often base future relationships on their examples set by their parents, and when parents get divorced, that separation can have a considerable impact on parent-child relationships and other interpersonal interactions. Child custody decisions can greatly affect how children interact with their parents, and while mothers seem to be granted custody more often than fathers, it is important to remember the father's stance as well.

Many fathers' rights groups believe that fathers often to not receive fair consideration when it comes to custody of their children, and Pennsylvania fathers may be interested in the attention fathers' rights are getting in a nearby state. A gubernatorial candidate is gaining much attention due to his stance on divorce, and there are hopes that his views on that area of family law will gain him needed supporters. It appears that his stance advocates for a more equally divided amount of time that children of divorced parents spend with each parent, rather than the majority spent with one.

This particular view could work in the favor of fathers, who often do not receive custody of their children in divorce proceedings. Fathers' rights groups believe that more equally shared time would allow for better relationships between fathers and their children. However, the groups often receive backlash from the National Organization for Women who believe that fathers' rights groups are trying to punish women and downplay the sacrifices they have made in order to raise their children.

Child custody matters should not be taken lightly, and the best interests of the children involved should always be considered a top priority. If a father believes that his rights are being infringed upon or that he was not fairly considered when it came to custody matters, he may find information on Pennsylvania child custody laws beneficial. No parent should be denied the right to spend time with their children without reasonable cause.

Source: The Washington Post, Ken Cuccinelli's family law stance won him support of fathers' rights movement, Ben Pershing, Aug. 28, 2013

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