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Man may seek custody and visitation rights if found to be dad

When the paternity of a child comes into question, serious custody issues could arise. There are many instances in which a biological father may not wish to be a part of a child's life, but there are also cases in which a person may believe he is the biological father of a child and want to enact certain rights regarding custody and visitation. However, if the situation is not handled in the correct manner, kidnapping charges could be filed.

A similar situation is currently taking place as a man and his mother are waiting to be extradited to Pennsylvania on charges of kidnapping, interference with child custody and other allegations. According to reports, a young girl was taken by the man, who claims to be her biological father. She was recently reunited with her mother after the girl, man and his mother were seen at a gas station. The man and his mother are currently in a nearby state and will be formally charged when they are extradited.

The mother of the child claims that the man is not the young girl's father, though the three did live together in the past. Conversely, the man claims to have documentation proving that he is the biological father of the child and claims to be innocent of the pending allegations. If the documentation is found to be legitimate, the presentation of it could pay dividends as his case proceeds.

Though the means by which the man went about seeing the young girl could have been better thought out, it is obvious that he wishes to be a part of her life. If he is found to be the biological father of the child, he may choose to seek an agreement regarding custody and visitation. The situation could prove complicated, however, due to the allegations the man is facing. He could potentially benefit from gaining information on Pennsylvania child custody and other laws relevant to his case.

Source:, Norwood pair to be extradited to Pennsylvania on kidnapping charges, W.T. Eckert, Sept. 17, 2013

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