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Child custody battle spans over a decade, teen wants involvement

It is no surprise to many Pennsylvania residents that child custody issues can span for years in some extreme cases of disputes. Parents may vie for certain rights or take desperate measures to see their children, including taking them to different states to keep the other parent away. These child custody situations can be distressing for everyone involved and could potentially prove futile as the situation drags on.

The case of a teen in a neighboring state could be pointing toward becoming ineffective in terms of child custody. At this time, the child in question is 17 years old, and the custody battle has been spanning for over a decade. As a young child, the teen's parents divorced, but before those proceedings, the daughter was often being taken from one parent by the other and transported to different states and even to different countries as the girl had both Russian and United States citizenship due to her mother's Russian nationality.

In the present situation, the girl is looking to have a say in the custody battles that have been going on for years and which could possibly have no real consequences as the teen could be considered a legal adult by the time matters are resolved. Her desire to be involved directly in the litigation, however, has sparked the interest of allowing children to play a significant role in the court proceedings. Conversely, not all agree that it could be beneficial and prefer to keep children out of the courtroom.

This case gives a clear view of how parental disagreements can have extended effects on a family. It is unclear whether the daughter's desire to be directly involved in the situation will have an impact on future child custody proceedings in her state or other states such as Pennsylvania. Those concerned with such potential changes could benefit from staying updated on state laws regarding such litigation.

Source:, Teen girl seeks a seat in custody litigation, Jim Provance, Oct. 24, 2013

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