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Job programs could help parents who are behind on child support

Typically after a divorce that also involves children, custody arrangements must be made. Once the arrangements are settled, one parent usually has the obligation of paying child support to the custodial parent. Though many Pennsylvania residents understand that payments must be sent, some parents are unable to make their payments due to lack of income or other serious issues. Unfortunately, they may still be at risk for severe penalties associated with back child support.

In a neighboring state, those parents who do not have jobs but are obligated to pay child support are being offered some assistance. That assistance comes to some parents who have been ordered to participate in a program in order to find a job. Because many of these parents do not have the means to make their payments let alone pay for travel expenses, the program is offering vouchers that should be put toward the purchase of gas in order to travel to job interviews or other events associated with finding employment.

There are employees set in place in order to verify that the vouchers are being used to travel to employment-related events. The vouchers can only be redeemed at certain gas stations, which would presumably prevent them from being spent on items other than gasoline. This program could potentially prove beneficial should participants find employment and have the ability to make their support payments.

It is an unfortunate circumstance when parents are unable to make their child support payments and must face penalties. In some cases, some parents may be able to seek modifications to their payment schedules, but the success of an endeavor depends heavily on individual cases. Parents who are concerned about child support may find information on relevant Pennsylvania laws helpful in determining how to handle their situation.

Source:, Child support job seekers to receive assistance, Tom Giambroni, Sept. 30, 2013

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