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Parents can help Pennsylvania kids handle stress of child custody

When children learn that their parents are going to divorce, many scenarios may go through their heads as to what that means for their family. They may wonder if the separation is their fault, if their parents will never speak to each other or who they will live with when child custody proceedings are finished. These thoughts can come to children of any age and can cause a great deal of stress. Luckily, Pennsylvania parents can help lessen the stress that their children feel during and after separation.

Pennsylvania authorities round up parents who owe child support

Child support is often needed by a custodial parent in order to properly provide for children. When support payments are not made, both parents and children can suffer as a result. The custodial parent may feel unable to provide the children with what they may need, and the noncustodial parent could face potential jail time for not making child support payments.

Heirs struggle to assume mortgages before foreclosures

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued new guidelines for banks to deal with the growing problem of unnecessary foreclosures on homes after the named borrower passes away. The problem arises when the person with their name on the mortgage dies and their family must obtain all of the necessary information and access to make sure bills continue to be paid on time. This is problematic in several areas, most notably in the case of mortgages where notoriously difficult bank procedures make it hard for families to gain access to the loan account in time. 

Keep your estate plan current

Accomplishing the goal of putting together a comprehensive estate plan can be a big task, from listing and organizing assets to making the tough decisions about how to pass them along and to whom. Once this process is over, many people mistakenly believe that their work here is done, but the truth is that estate plans should be somewhat dynamic and it is often in one’s best interest to change it over time, making small adjustments to fit changing circumstances or making big changes to accommodate major life events like a birth, death, or marriage. 

Refusal of fast food results in child custody issues for father

Many Pennsylvania residents may agree that allowing a child to have whatever he or she wants is not considered ideal parenting. However, in situations where a couple is divorced, if one parent does not allow the child to have or do something, the other parent may take issue with that decision. If the situation escalates, child custody problems could arise and a legal situation could ensue.

Estate planning decisions: charitable giving

Charitable giving is a common part of many Pennsylvania residents’ estate plans. Designating some portion of an estate to a charitable cause can reduce tax liability and do something good for the community at the same time. When making this decision it is important to consider it carefully since diverting funds to charitable causes often reduces the share remaining for family members.

Pennsylvania child support regulation concerns custodial parent

After a couple goes through divorce and child custody proceedings, the situation can sometimes continue to be at the forefront as related circumstances arise. Child support issues are among the most common problems that separated parents face. Some parents may believe that the amount to be paid is unfair while others may not be receiving required payments. Such situations can create tense legal issues that can potentially end in jail time.

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