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Pennsylvania authorities round up parents who owe child support

Child support is often needed by a custodial parent in order to properly provide for children. When support payments are not made, both parents and children can suffer as a result. The custodial parent may feel unable to provide the children with what they may need, and the noncustodial parent could face potential jail time for not making child support payments.

A county in Pennsylvania recently cracked down on finding parents who were failing to make their support payments. As a result, 18 parents were taken into custody of the 37 warrants officers were acting on. An estimated $180,000 in back child support is expected to be recovered due to the arrests that were made.

Reports indicate that the majority of the arrests made in relation to the warrants took place without much incident. Some parties were considered to have been confrontational but not overtly so. There are eight people who are considered to be highly wanted for back child support, and each individual has accumulated thousands of dollars in unmade payments.

As parents are taken into custody for not making child support payments, the custodial parents may feel a sense of relief that they may soon be collecting the much-needed support they had been missing. Child support issues can be difficult to handle, and either parent may feel the need to have modifications made to support agreements if the situation gets out of hand. Information on Pennsylvania state child custody laws could help individuals decide how to handle their particular circumstances. If a person is at risk for facing jail time due to lack of payment, a modification request could prove beneficial.

Source:, 18 arrested in Montgomery County for failing to pay child support, Dan Clark, Nov. 12, 2013

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