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Pennsylvania child support regulation concerns custodial parent

After a couple goes through divorce and child custody proceedings, the situation can sometimes continue to be at the forefront as related circumstances arise. Child support issues are among the most common problems that separated parents face. Some parents may believe that the amount to be paid is unfair while others may not be receiving required payments. Such situations can create tense legal issues that can potentially end in jail time.

A Pennsylvania woman is currently questioning the handling of her child support case. According to reports, the father of her children was apparently not making the required payments, and he had to serve jail time on two separate occasions in the last few years due to his nonpayment. After his release, he failed to make a later court appearance and has not yet been located.

The mother's concern was even more greatly heightened when she received a notice indicating that her case was going to be closed, though she still had not received payments. Upon further investigation, she found that a state regulation allows cases to be closed if it appears that the noncustodial parent has no means of making the payments and the situation is unlikely to be resolved. Luckily, the mother also found that the case could be kept open if the custodial parent took proper steps in sending the documents back and requesting that the case be kept open.

Pennsylvania child support laws and regulations such as the one involved in this case contain information that could make a great deal of difference in a person's situation. If a custodial parent is entitled to support payments, ensuring that their situation is not disregarded may take extra action. Discussing such information with a knowledgeable third party could help a parent receive much needed support.

Source:, Scranton woman questions child support rule, Terrie Morgan-Besecker, Nov. 4, 2013

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