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Pennsylvania father possibly violated child custody agreements

When going through legal processes that involve children, some parents can feel very strongly about the way they want certain decisions to go. Child custody proceedings are one area in which parents often feel that they want their opinions and choices to matter. If a decision does not go a certain way or the dispute continues for an extended period of time, some parents could become desperate and make unwise decisions concerning their children.

A Pennsylvania man has recently been taken into custody due to allegedly kidnapping his daughter. The mother and father are reportedly in custody disputes concerning the child, and the father took the child while she and the mother were at a hospital. An investigation began to find the 7-year-old girl, and her father turned himself in and brought his daughter to the police station.

The father was taken into custody for reportedly endangering a child as well as assault due to choking the girl's mother before the purported abduction. It is unclear whether the father was acting against any custody statutes that may have been in place. If he was, he could face further allegations concerning the incident.

As this situation shows, parents can make somewhat unwise decisions at times when it comes to their children. Instead of taking rash measures, it may be more prudent for Pennsylvania parents to learn more about child custody laws and what steps they may be able to take in order to have agreements modified or to have decisions made in their favor. Approaching a situation from a legal standpoint as opposed to taking drastic measures could potentially keep a parent from facing serious charges.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, Father Takes Child From Children's Hospital During Custody Dispute, Bob Allen, Dec. 19, 2013

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