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Lawsuits challenge same-sex marriage and divorce in Pennsylvania

Same-sex marriage has gained recognition in several states across the country. However, in Pennsylvania, the issue of same-sex marriage and divorce continues to be a point of contention. Recent legal endeavors, though, could potentially result in such marriages being legally recognized in the state, and in turn, have a significant impact across the country.

Since the federal ban on same-sex unions was abolished, the issue has become much more pressing as individuals fight for their rights. Recently, judges in two states overturned bans on such unions, and if those ruling are not challenged, approximately 46 percent of the American population would live in areas in which same-sex marriages and unions are recognized. Pennsylvania could act as a significant tipping point if it becomes a state which overturns their ban.

This state would result in over half of the country's population living in areas that recognized same-sex unions. At this time, there are several lawsuits challenging the state's current law defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. These suits vary from declaring the law unconstitutional to fighting for the recognition of unions made in other states.

If the lawsuits are successful, Pennsylvania could see significant changes in same-sex marriage and divorce issues. Therefore, parties who are concerned with the issue may wish to continue to follow the legal proceedings that are taking place. Information on state laws concerning same-sex marriage and the potential changes these laws could see may provide individuals with reliable and helpful knowledge on the topic.

Source:, Pennsylvania could tip the scales nationally on same-sex marriage, Jessica Parks, Jan. 20, 2014

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