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Prenuptial agreement could aid high asset divorce in Pennsylvania

When it comes to Pennsylvania couples and divorce, some couples may feel it best to prepare for certain situations ahead of time. They may have parents or know other individuals who have gone through separation proceedings and have had a difficult time dealing with property division. In many cases, a prenuptial agreement could save a lot of time and stress, especially in high asset divorce situations. However, some individuals may not know how to go about requesting such an agreement from their future spouse.

Getting a prenuptial agreement may feel like a signal to some that their partner does not expect their relationship to last, and therefore, broaching the topic may be difficult. As always, being honest about the situation could be the best route to take. Explaining to a future spouse why a party thinks a prenuptial agreement is a good idea could lessen the feelings of doubt and reflect a sense of forward thinking and propriety.

Continuing on a path of honesty, it is important to disclose all assets that may come under scrutiny if a divorce did occur. By presenting all property, the risk of questions later could be significantly reduced, and agreements can be made on who may be entitled to that property. When the agreements are made concerning specific assets, one party may not be able to change their mind later on how they view that property out of spite or other negative emotions.

While thinking about high asset divorce and property division before the marriage even takes place may not seem ideal, it can be a time saver if the event does come about. Such an agreement also does not set a marriage up to fail. On the contrary, going through the process of creating such an agreement could show that the couple is able to work together on important decisions. Couples looking to create prenuptial agreements or deal with other issues concerning property division may wish to take advantage of information on Pennsylvania laws relating to the topic.

Source: The Huffington Post, How to Request a Pre-Nup and Still Get Married, Daniel Clement, Jan. 24, 2014

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