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Back child support could lead to arrest in Pennsylvania

After a couple separates, they can still face their share of issues concerning post-divorce matters. Child support can be a serious point of tension between parents, especially if one or both parents are not abiding by the payment agreements. These agreements are binding, and if a parent does not follow through with the arrangements, that parent could face serious consequences, including potential jail time.

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in several parents who were taken into custody in a neighboring state. According to a police report, at least eight individuals were arrested on warrants due to not paying child support. The ages of these parties ranged from early 20s to late 40s.

The report also indicated that the amount owed from each individual was at least one thousand dollars. The lowest reported amount was $1,170, and the highest in these cases was over $35,000. When unpaid child support reaches such numbers, it is important that action is taken in an attempt to help the custodial parent receive the money that is owed. Custodial parents often rely on the payments from the noncustodial parent in order to better provide for their children, and when thousands of dollars are missing, the situation can be quite difficult.

It is true that some parents may not be able to easily make their child support payments, but the owed amount should not be allowed to accrue to such a significant amount. Child support modifications may be able to take place in certain situations to help a parent create a more feasible payment schedule. If a parent feels that support payments need to see a change, information on relevant Pennsylvania laws could shed light on how to go about pursuing such a change.

Source:, Cumberland County Sheriff's Department arrests, No author, Jan. 29, 2014

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