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Child custody changes could affect Pennsylvania parents in future

Divorce can lead to a number of children having to face spending more time with one parent than the other. Child custody proceedings can have a number of outcomes for Pennsylvania children, and depending on how parents handle the situation, custody may be shared or sole custody could be awarded to one parent. Each of these situations could impact the children involved in different ways.

In recent news, it was stated that more lawmakers are considering equal time spent between parents when it comes to child custody. Because society is making more progressive movements, gender roles are no longer as strictly divided as they once seemed. Therefore, more fathers are having a more active role in caring for their children. As a result, giving primary custody to the mother may not be as seemingly beneficial as it once did.

There are individuals who oppose the idea of shared custody and equal time spent between parents. Some believe that the best interests of the children involved will be considered less in order to accommodate for shared custody. However, lawmakers appear to believe that the best interests of the children are still of the utmost importance in these situations.

It is uncertain at this time how widespread these changes could be. However, because parents feel very strongly about their child custody situations, changes in custody laws could be of great interest to them. Therefore, Pennsylvania parents may wish to stay updated on state laws concerning child custody to see if they could potentially be affected by any changes that could come about in the future.

Source: USA Today, Shared parenting could be new divorce outcome, Jonathan Ellis, Jan. 27, 2014

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