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Parents linger in dispute over remains, belongings of son

The parents of a young man who was killed in a car crash remain locked in litigation more than four years after the date of the accident, arguing over what should be done with their son’s ashes and his personal belongings. The litigation continues in part because the young man had no final will and testament at the time of his passing and in part because the divorced couple is unable to agree on any single point in the dispute.

Pennsylvania property division could be complicated by stocks

For many Pennsylvania couples, bringing up the discussion of wanting a divorce can seem like a very difficult task. While broaching the topic can be stressful, it is only the beginning of a road of other potentially difficult decisions that must be made. Divorce has many aspects that must be gone through, and property division can be one of the more touchy subjects that couples have to deal with.

Child custody should not negatively affect Pennsylvania families

In many cases, fathers are often the parents that are left with seeing their children less often than they would like after a divorce takes place. As a result, they may be afraid that they will fall out of favor with their children. However, there several actions that Pennsylvania fathers can take toward their children that could be beneficial after child custody proceedings.

Sew the seeds of peace with a fully funded trust

Perhaps the number one rule in estate planning: put it in writing. If you're an asset owner or a potential heir, it is never a good idea to rely on verbal promises in matters of estate planning. Case in point: the estate of Marlon Brando. The famed actor died in 2004, and by 2009, two dozen legal disputes had erupted around his estate.

Dating could affect child custody and support in Pennsylvania

It is not uncommon for Pennsylvania residents to begin dating again once they have gone through a divorce. They may believe that now that they are no longer married they can behave in a romantic manner with whomever they please. If a divorced individual has children from their previous marriage, however, it is important for parties to understand how certain situations concerning dating could have an effect on child custody and support agreements.

Family’s dispute over inheritance nears end of trial

A trial over a contested will that began back in September is finally nearing its end as the final witness took the stand this week. The trial is over the two versions of a will executed by a man who owned and operated Hudson News stands, which many readers have seen in airports around the country.

Estate planning for your art collection

Creating an effective estate plan is a multi-part process, starting with taking an accounting of all of ones assets and setting goals and objectives for what those assets will do for the next generation. This can be a complicated first step, since most of us would rather not imagine what happens after our death. However, setting objectives is a helpful way to start crafting an estate plan since an experienced professional can help figure out what methods of asset transfer will be most effective in achieving those goals.

Same-sex marriage and divorce issues continue in Pennsylvania

Many individuals are aware that same-sex marriage is still a contested issue in many areas. Though great strides have been made in legalizing same-sex unions in several states, many states still do not recognize these unions. As a result, many couples may face issues when it comes to seeking a divorce if they live in a state, such as Pennsylvania, where these unions are not considered legal. Same-sex marriage and divorce unfortunately continue to see many issues.

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