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Child custody should not negatively affect Pennsylvania families

In many cases, fathers are often the parents that are left with seeing their children less often than they would like after a divorce takes place. As a result, they may be afraid that they will fall out of favor with their children. However, there several actions that Pennsylvania fathers can take toward their children that could be beneficial after child custody proceedings.

Actively spending time with children can make a considerable impact on how important a child feels toward their father. Planning trips such as hiking, camping or other activities that children enjoy that could allow for bonding could help solidify a relationship between child and parent. Because the time spent together may not happen as often, it is important for the time that is spent together to be worthwhile.

Having important conversations can also lead to a stronger bond. Children often face many circumstances that they may be unsure of how to handle. If they come to a parent for advice, that parent should do their best to offer beneficial guidance to their child. By being of assistance, parents will allow their child to know that they can come to their parent in the future when more advice may be needed.

Though these actions may seem simple, they can result in a significant positive connection with parent and child. When child custody agreements lead to children seeing a parent less often, a relationship can sometimes suffer if it is not actively taken care of. If a parent would like more time with their children in order to build a better relationship, they may wish to look into Pennsylvania state laws regarding child custody to determine whether there may be options available to them to do so.

Source:, 5 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Children After Divorce, Linda Jacobs, March 12, 2014

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