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Dating could affect child custody and support in Pennsylvania

It is not uncommon for Pennsylvania residents to begin dating again once they have gone through a divorce. They may believe that now that they are no longer married they can behave in a romantic manner with whomever they please. If a divorced individual has children from their previous marriage, however, it is important for parties to understand how certain situations concerning dating could have an effect on child custody and support agreements.

Some may wonder how dating could possibly impact custody and support, and it is true that not all dating will have such a serious effect. The more specific type of date that could result in an issue is one where a parent has a date stay the night at their home. Some concern could be expressed for the children who may have to deal with parents bringing in new significant others, but these situations also have other implications.

If a parent has a date stay over for a certain number of nights, they could potentially be considered to be co-habitating. If custody and support agreements have clauses that address such issues, a parent's dating could affect whether the initial agreements must be upheld. Therefore, it is important that each parent fully understand the terms of such agreements.

Because cohabitation could have different definitions in various areas, it is important for individuals in Pennsylvania to look into state laws to see how they could potentially be affected. Many parties may feel a sense of relief after divorce and child custody issues are settled, but concerns could be reopened if they do not follow the terms of their agreement. Having a complete understanding of their legal situation regarding these areas could possibly prevent an unwanted issue.

Source: The Huffington Post, How Overnight Dates Could Seriously Damage Your Custody Case, Lenore Skonal, March 10, 2014

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