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Pennsylvania property division could be complicated by stocks

For many Pennsylvania couples, bringing up the discussion of wanting a divorce can seem like a very difficult task. While broaching the topic can be stressful, it is only the beginning of a road of other potentially difficult decisions that must be made. Divorce has many aspects that must be gone through, and property division can be one of the more touchy subjects that couples have to deal with.

In some cases, dividing assets can be simple: certain physical property belongs to one party and not another. However, much of the time, assets are not always physical and determining who may be entitled to ownership can be difficult. Stock options can often fall under the category of being difficult to divide. These options may have been provided by a company or employer to one spouse, but depending on division laws, they could be considered martial property.

Determining the value of such property can prove to be difficult as stock value can change often. In these cases, some parties may wish to consult a knowledgeable third party who may be able to assess the assets and determine the value. Once a value is determined, the division may be able to proceed more smoothly.

Stocks and stock options can complicate property division. This type of property may also be looked at differently depending on where a couple lives, and therefore, it is important that knowledge is gained about Pennsylvania proceedings. State laws concerning property division could allow parties to become more informed on the subject and determine whether these assets could be considered marital property.

Source: Forbes, Dividing Stock Options And Restricted Stock In Divorce, Jeff Landers, March 19, 2014

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