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Child custody: Co-parenting in Pennsylvania not one size fits all

When it comes to issues of divorce, Pennsylvania parents can face more difficulties than those couples without children. Child custody is often a significant point that parents have to work around, and if the separation is not going amicably, decisions concerning the children can often become a point of contention. Even after the agreements are made, parents can continue to face hardships when it comes to parenting.

For many families, the idea of co-parenting may seem like the best situation for the children and everyone involved. Unfortunately, not all parties have the ability to look at co-parenting in a positive light. Co-parenting involves interaction and cooperation on a high level with an ex-spouse and some parties may find this difficult.

In some cases, it is not both parents who are against the idea of working together. However, if one parent is willing to co-parent, the situation may not see much improvement. That parent could end up accommodating the actions and desires of the other parent in regards to the children, while the other parent simply takes advantage and does not concede to the views of the ex-spouse.

Though co-parenting could be considerably beneficial for children, it only works if both parents are willing to cooperate. Child custody issues can understandably be difficult to work through as parents hope to do what is best for their children, but disagreeing parents can cause hardships for children even after divorce. Therefore, concerned parents may wish to learn more about Pennsylvania child custody laws that could allow them to determine how to achieve the best situation for their children.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Not Everyone Should Try to Consciously Co-Parent. Here's Why.", Virginia Gilbert, April 8, 2014

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