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Child support is not always the father's responsibility

Though lives of celebrities may seem glamorous to some Pennsylvania residents, individuals who are in the spotlight can have many of the same issues as those who are not. Child support and custody issues are among those that many celebrity individuals must handle, and often the results are public knowledge. As a result, some parents going through similar issues may wish to know more.

Halle Berry has starred in many blockbuster movies, but she also plays the role of a mother in her off-screen life. She and the father of her daughter ended their relationship a few years ago, but issues regarding the custody and child support of their daughter have been prominent. Court documents regarding support payments were recently filed, and it was found that, due to Berry earning a considerably higher income than the father, making support payments were her responsibility.

It was reported that the actress is required to make $16,000 payments monthly for the care of her daughter. She is also to pay for half of any medical expenses that her daughter may require. It was reported that the two parents share equal custody of the child.

As this case shows, it is not always the father who is required to make child support payments, and the parent who is more equipped to financially care for the child may be the one to make payments. This is important for individuals who are working toward making support agreements to understand, as the parent with the lesser income may wish for a fair assessment of the situation. Information on child support and how the proceedings are carried out may help Pennsylvania residents who wish to ensure that they do not face a biased situation.

Source:, "Halle Berry Ordered to Pay Gabriel Aubry $16,000 a Month in Child Support for Their Daughter Nahla", Natalie Finn, June 9, 2014

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