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Clerk hopes to appeal same-sex marriage and divorce ruling

As it was mentioned in a previous post on May 28, 2014 (Same-sex marriage and divorce no longer banned in Pennsylvania), the ban on same-sex couples seeking a marital union was struck down. As a result, same-sex couples who wished to marry in the state could, and individuals who had been married in other states would now have their same-sex marriages recognized as legal. This meant that both same-sex marriage and divorce were now possible in the state.

In an update to that situation, a clerk in Pennsylvania has recently requested that the U.S. Supreme Court overturn the ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in the state. She had apparently attempted to have the ruling appealed at a lower court level, but the administration for the governor did not wish to follow through with an appeal. Because of her unsuccessful attempts with the lower court system, she has brought the situation before the Supreme Court.

As the clerk works to have the ruling appealed, she also wants the state to cease supplying marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It was not reported whether the state would comply with such a demand. More information on the case may become available as the situation continues.

Same-sex marriage and divorce has continued to be a popular topic and focus because the changes in law are monumental. As this situation in Pennsylvania shows, there will likely be continued interest in the issue as those parties who oppose the ruling look to have their cases heard. Therefore, individuals who are concerned with the law changes may wish to stay updated to learn how they could potentially be affected.

Source:, "Pa. clerk asks Supreme Court to halt gay marriage", , July 7, 2014

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