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Same-sex couples have need of family legal services just like heterosexual couples. When Pennsylvania became the 19th state to legalize gay marriage in 2014, a whole new world of legal rights and responsibilities opened up for same-sex couples. They could finally get married and consider starting families. They were also introduced to many types of legal situations that traditional families have been dealing with all along, like divorce, child custody, medical and property rights and estate planning. Same-sex couples now often require the services of attorneys that carry an understanding of their particular legal issues.

A key aspect of family law is divorce, and now that same-sex couples can be legally married they must also contend with the possibility of divorce and its legal consequences. A same-sex divorce follows the same legal guidelines as any other divorce, and it will include all of the same factors, such as property division, alimony and, in some cases, child custody and support.

Marriage is not the only legal aspect same-sex couples may need help with. Marriage is frequently sought, but it is not always the best choice for everyone. Sometimes simply remaining unmarried partners is best, but same-sex couples may also want to ensure their partner has legal rights similar to marriage. These can include medical powers of attorney, cohabitation agreements and adoption agreements. If done correctly, these legal options can provide unmarried partners with a degree of comfort and permanency.

Our attorneys have experience in providing advice and counsel to those in same-sex relationships with respect to these and other issues. In order to learn more about this subject, you are invited to visit our page on same-sex marriage and divorce.

Source: Berman & Asbel, LLP, "Philadelphia Attorneys for Same-Sex Couples", December 22, 2014

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