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Can I be sure I'll get a fair shake in a divorce settlement?

Divorce can be very painful to go through. That has always been true. It may be even more so these days when notions of what the typical American family are hard to define. The relational investment that all parties have in the situation means that there is a personal stake at the emotional level. But there is a financial component that needs to be addressed, as well.

Easing worries about the future may be just a matter of will

The power of the human will is pretty impressive. Everyone probably has a story to tell about how some major obstacle was overcome by sheer force of will. Sometimes, though, it takes a different kind of will power to bring some relief. The one we are thinking of is the one that comes as part of the crafting a solid estate plan.

How big a change can prompt a child support modification?

Regular readers of our blog, especially those interested in the issue of child support, will acknowledge that we have attempted to give the matter due attention. Back in November and December we wrote several posts covering how support is determined, ways support orders can be changed and consequences parents may face if obligations aren't met.

What's good to know about Pennsylvania probate law?

The probate process in Pennsylvania isn't one of those things that most people know as a matter of fingertip knowledge. It's not like riding a bike, driving a car or paying your taxes. It only is triggered after a person dies. Not only does it fall into that category of subjects people often don't want to think about, it also winds up being something that someone else has to deal with. So it becomes easy to overlook.

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