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Easing worries about the future may be just a matter of will

The power of the human will is pretty impressive. Everyone probably has a story to tell about how some major obstacle was overcome by sheer force of will. Sometimes, though, it takes a different kind of will power to bring some relief. The one we are thinking of is the one that comes as part of the crafting a solid estate plan.

We are sure that there are many couples who have lost sleep over the fact that they haven't done enough to anticipate possible future needs -- their own or those of their family. In support of this view, we offer the fact that the issue even gets touched on by cartoonists in the Sunday comics.

Sometimes the sense of immediate concern can be alleviated by simply putting it into words, as occurs in the Dustin strip we share here. But what that often amounts to is simply kicking the can down the road or, as the strip reflects, kicking the worry over into some other loved one's lap.

The better way to stop agonizing over the unknowns of the future is by exercising what control you can in the here and now. And it doesn't matter whether you are a business owner, a well-established working parent or a newly minted college graduate.

By exercising the will power it may take to get the ball rolling, you can create a will or trust plan that suits your current situation, whatever it might be. And then by revisiting the issue on a regular basis with an experienced attorney -- such as when a major life change occurs -- you can have confidence you've done your best for the protection of your assets.

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