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Avoiding 'he said, she said' fights over child custody

The best interests of the children are the standard by which the courts in Pennsylvania and all other states have adopted to guide decisions when it comes to child custody and visitation issues in divorce.

It would be great if that meant that the outcome of such parenting disputes could be easily predicted, but that isn't necessarily the case. Very often decisions over child custody, support and visitation suffer for a lack of solid information about parent activity. When the matter then gets into court, the judge is stuck having to make a determination based on he said, she said testimony.

A lot of times, this creates a set of conflicting stories that make it hard for the court to make a truly reasoned ruling. Because such fights can be damaging for parents and children, countering such issues is another reason working with an experienced attorney is always advised. It's the most reliable way to ensure the rights of all parties get presented.

To overcome the issue of possible he said, she said situations, it might do well to keep some sort of record. By tracking activities you participate in with your child in something like a diary, you have a written record that you can present in court. Information could include the dates and times of pickups and drop-offs, spending for the child's living and medical expenses and more.

And in today's digital world, it should not be a surprise that someone has actually developed an app for that. The co-creator of the app called Genesis says he was inspired to make it because of his own bad court experience. He says he hopes it serves others in providing information to show they are good parents.

Considering all the issues that can go along with the divorce process, such a tool, used in conjunction with working with an attorney, might also help parents reach mutual agreement on how to best meet the needs of their children.

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