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In divorce, it may help to laugh some

Mention the name Henny Youngman today and only a very few people in Pennsylvania are likely to know who you're talking about. Chances are good that they are all over 50. Youngman was a 20th century comedian who was famous for one-liners such as, "Why do Jewish divorces cost so much? They're worth it." And, "Take my wife, please!"

You might get the idea from this little walk through time that divorce humor is something relatively new. The truth is that the track record of divorce humor is a whole lot longer than that.

Indeed, back in 1615, Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes wrote a comedy entitled, "The Divorce Court Judge." One line of the play has a wife saying to the judge, "In well-ordered societies a marriage should be reviewed every three years, and dissolved or renewed like a rental agreement."

Considering the dim view society has long held of divorce, and the nature of the world back in 1615, one can only imagine the eyebrows that must have arched when that line was first uttered within earshot of an audience. If the local bishop happened to be there, he better not have been caught laughing.

Divorce is still not a very fun thing to go through, but we think many would agree that it can help to have a sense of humor about it. Being able to laugh over some aspects, even a little bit, may be crucial for getting through the emotional and frustrating period and on to the next rung of life's ladder.

Clearing the various hurdles related to support, property division, and issues related to parenting if children are involved in as quick a fashion as possible can help, too. And the chances of settling a divorce efficiently and cost-effectively are bound to be increased when you enlist the help of an experienced attorney.

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